Comparing The Masters 2024 Ticket Packages from 5 Providers

The Masters Tournament, steeped in history, is replete with fascinating statistics that surprise and intrigue fans. For instance, Jack Nicklaus holds the record for the most Masters wins, with six victories. Tiger Woods achieved the tournament’s lowest winning score of 270, 18-under par, in 1997. The Masters also witnessed the youngest and oldest champions in major championship history: Tiger Woods, who won at 21 in 1997, and Jack Nicklaus at 46 in 1986.

The Masters 2024, set in the iconic Augusta, GA, presents a coveted opportunity for golf enthusiasts. While it’s rare for an average person to get access to the Masters via their own lottery system, we’ve researched some of the top providers of Masters ticket + accommodation packages to get you set up to attend.

Options for Attending the Masters from 3rd Party Providers

Here are 5 companies that offer packages for this prestigious event.

Premier Golf starts at $9,761, focusing on comprehensive experiences including accommodation and hospitality. Roadtrips, starting at $3,125, emphasizes luxury travel and on-site hosts. MyBucketListEvents offers Sunday round tickets at $2,775 with flexible plans. Golfbreaks, while not specifying prices, provides customizable stays in Columbia, SC. Lastly, On Location starts at $2,702.50, offering unique private home stays and all-inclusive hospitality. Each company brings its unique touch to this historic event, ensuring memorable experiences for attendees.

Company Packages Features Pricing Website
Premier Golf Various Options Accommodation, hospitality, transfers, breakfast, on-site reps Starts at $9,761 Premier Golf
Roadtrips Various Options Luxury travel, accommodations, hospitality, on-site hosts Starts at $3,125 Roadtrips
MyBucketListEvents Flexible Plans Tickets, accommodations, transportation, excursions, special event access Sunday Round: $2,775.00 Bucket List Events
Golfbreaks Customizable Packages Stay in Columbia, SC, trip extension options, on-site team Not specified Golfbreaks
On Location Ticket + Hospitality and Hotel Packages, Private Home Rentals All-inclusive hospitality, private homes, concierge service Starts at $2,702.50 On Location

Masters 2024 FAQs

  1. How do I get tickets to the Masters? Tickets are available through a lottery system on the Masters official website or via third-party vendors.
  2. What is the best time to arrive at Augusta National? Early arrival is recommended, especially for popular rounds, to secure good viewing spots.
  3. Can I bring a camera? Cameras are only allowed during practice rounds, not during tournament rounds.
  4. What items are prohibited at the Masters? Prohibited items include cell phones, large bags, banners, and signs.
  5. Is there a dress code for spectators? There’s no strict dress code, but smart casual attire is recommended.
  6. Are food and beverages available at the course? Yes, there are numerous concession stands offering various food and beverages.
  7. Can I ask for autographs? Autograph seeking is allowed but only in designated areas.
  8. Is there parking available? Free parking is available, but it’s limited and on a first-come, first-served basis.
  9. Can I buy Masters merchandise on-site? Yes, official Masters merchandise is available at the course.
  10. Are there any facilities for people with disabilities? Yes, Augusta National provides facilities and viewing areas for guests with disabilities.


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