2024 Paris Summer Games Travel Tour + Hotel Packages

Looking for travel packages for the 2024 Paris Summer Games?

I’ve worked in this specific events spaces for a few years, and worked in other areas of sports + travel for close to a decade total.

In my opinion, this is one of the most fun industries on the planet.

You’re combining one-time events with the peak of human athletic achievement, with global audiences and so much attention for a few weeks.

Why not be right in the center of it all?

It’s certainly one of my recurring bucket list events: going to all the sporting events I can get my hands on – whether it’s a few days a weekend golf tournament or the grandaddy of them all: the Summer Games.

Listen: 2020 and Tokyo and Covid and all that was a total let down.

Let’s go crazy this year in Paris!

As with any event there are terror threats and somehow Russia is still a problem. But now, we’ve got fiesty Macron ready to go toe-to-toe with Putin for the battle of Europe.

Get to Paris now!

We’re going to round up some of our favorite tour providers that just so happen to overlap with the Paris Summer Games.

If you want guaranteed ticket packages, we always recommend going directly to the official source.

But thing about this: the official tour provider for the Summer Games may not be the best fit for you!

You should evaluate all of these companies and decide on your own.

Here’s out top 10 recommended tour providers for Paris:

Bucket List Events

Link to packages page: https://www.mybucketlistevents.com/product/paris-2024/

On Point Events

Link to packages page: https://onpointevents.com/event/summer-games-packages/


Link to packages page: https://www.roadtrips.com/summer-games/paris-2024-packages/

The Travel Divas

Link to packages page: https://thetraveldivas.com/trip/paris-2024/

Great Wall Adventures

Link to packages page: https://parissummertravel.com/travel-agent-partnership

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