How Much Does it Cost to Go to the 2024 Paris Summer Games?

How much does it cost to go to the Paris Summer Games in 2024?

Depends on what your goals are!

Speaking from a purely historical perspective and not related to the 2024 Paris Summer Games, we do want to make the connection to the ancient Olympic Games that started in Greece. Now there is a new version of that event that that streams to billions of viewers around the world. Only a lucky few will be able to attend the event in person.

If you’re one of those, we’ve put together a helpful list of typical pricing and where to buy tickets.

2024 Paris Summer Games Ticket Prices

Ticket prices for the Paris 2024 Olympics vary greatly, depending on events.

Prices can be as low as $40 for unpopular events, or up to the thousands of dollars for Opening Ceremonies tickets.

What’s the best way to figure out the final ticket prices? Go to your country reseller below and get a quote for each of the activities you’d like to participate in.

Where to Buy Paris 2024 Olympics Tickets

The only place for official ticketing is at

You should always try to book directly through the source, before going over to other second-hand marketplaces and resellers.

Football/soccer tickets such as Argentina vs Morroco in the group stage start at 50 Euros.

On the other hand, some events like beach volleyball are only currently available as hospitality packages starting at 475 Euros. What I’m trying to show here, is that tickets are subject to availability and are often only available as part of bigger packages.

What we’ve seen happen in recent years is the official hospitality providers trying to gain more and more marketshare and push out other providers and players that are second hand.

Typical Costs to See Events

Events can range anywhere from $40 per event, all the way up to $8-10,000+ for events like opening ceremonies.

A lot depends on the event, the location, the seating and the demand.

In addition, if you go through ticketing package companies where you’re getting a tour + tickets, such as through the official supplier, that can affect things. Usually tickets in a larger package are marked up.

Past Information about the Tokyo 2020 Summary Games

Wow – did COVID really mess up the 2020 Games in Tokyo. These were supposed to be a spectacular one that made tour operators a lot of money.

What a bust and what a tough year to be in the tourism business. Thankfully, luckily, it will make some companies stronger and more resilient in the future. If another pandemic happened, I think the reaction would be different.

It’s useful to see what the information was for Tokyo to get a sense for how things will work for Paris in 2024. Here’s the archival information:

The official place to buy tickets is, but only if you’re a resident of Japan.

To find a list of the authorized resellers for your country, consult this list from the official site.

Here are some examples from common countries:

Country Company Name Website Tel.
United States of America CoSport/Jet Set Sports 1-877-457-4647
Mexico Cartan Tours, Inc. (+1) 310-546-9662
Canada ATPI Sports Events (+1) 514-316-7012
Brazil MATCH Hospitality 55 (21) 3266 1200
Chile Cartan Tours, Inc. (+1) 310-546-9662
Germany DER Touristik Deutschland GmbH (+49)-69-9588-3635
Great Britain TEAM GB LIVE (Sports Travel & Hospitality Group Limited) 44 (0)344 788 4002
Ireland Elamys Group (+358)405501930
Israel Issta Sport LTD (972)-3-7777-288
Italy Tre Emme by Travel Market (+39)0656337032/00393483824239
Norway CoSport/Jet Set Sports 800-24-977
Club Sport Travel (ATR) (+48) 22-622-99-40
Almatur Polska (sub-distributor) (+48) 22-825-69-08
Portugal COSMOS – Viagens e Turismo, SA (+351)-21-7248395
Spain Issta Sport LTD (972)-3-7777-288
Sweden CoSport/Jet Set Sports (+46)-8-400-207-01
Switzerland Globetrotter Sportreisen (+41)-31-917-60-60
Chinese Taipei JTB Taiwan Ltd (+886)-2-2568-3877
Hong Kong, China China Travel Service (H.K.) Limited (+852) 2998 7080
India Fanatic Sports (+91) 9325761200
Indonesia Kingdom Sports Group (+61) 2 9904 9225
Pakistan Kingdom Sports Group (+61) 2 9904 9225
People’s Republic of China CAISSA Tourism Group (+86)-10-6598-3507
Philippines Kingdom Sports Group (+61) 2 9904 9225
Republic of Korea HANJIN TRAVEL Coming soon 82-2-726-5776
Singapore Kingdom Sports Group (+61) 2 9904 9225
Australia CoSport 1-800-668-570
Nigeria Kingdom Sports Group (+61) 2 9904 9225
Rwanda Kingdom Sports Group (+61) 2 9904 9225
Sierra Leone Kingdom Sports Group (+61) 2 9904 9225
Uganda Kingdom Sports Group (+61) 2 9904 9225

2020 Olympic Summer Games Package Prices

There are several tour providers that will sell complete packages to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. These bundles will include a combination of hotels, transportation, activities, tours, and airfare.

A package can be a great way to go for simplicity and convenience, although it’s not always the cheapest option.

A Secret About Tickets and Packages

Want to know a secret?

There will be some ticket resellers in your country that may claim they are sold out of packages and the only way to secure them is to buy a complete package, which is often expensive.

What do we recommend? You can book your flight to Tokyo and often pick up tickets close to the actual day of the event, but that comes with risks.

You can find tickets for sale from other country resellers, if you don’t want to buy from your own country, which may be pricier.

So do some shopping, don’t be afraid to travel to Tokyo without tickets, and you’ll come out on top!


Disclaimer: We are not using or claiming to use the Paris Olympics 2024 trademark and have no connection to the organization, we are providing research information only.


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